Q: How safe are the present links that connect with the current artwork?

A: Currently, we are linking only to our own business sites, which are being continually updated and monitored for malware. Our Parent site, www.risingintent.com, and our Children's Book site, www.infinitytimeseternity.com, display the Norton Symantec check for safety on all Web searches. Additionally, Birthing Art, Rising Intent, and Infinity Times Eternity have allĀ been given the McAfee Secure Seal for business sites. Furthermore, the PayPal link on the Rising Intent page is fully protected internally, so that you can be sure that your important information will not be stolen when making a transaction.

Q: When will you be broadening your reach to allow unknown artists to display their work on your page?

A: We hope that this will be very soon. Allowing other links on this site will necessitate additional layers of protection for both ourselves and our visitors. The development of the overall business and the generosity of the donations will help this to occur sooner rather than later. We will announce this occasion when it occurs. Meanwhile, there is plenty of artwork for you to enjoy from our known sources!