New Art, New Artists

Through this Branch of Rising Intent's Production Company, we will introduce you to fresh creative works by both new and seasoned artists. While the pieces selected will be in keeping with our mission to increase joy and harmony, they will by no means be escapist or superficial. One may highlight the beauty of the natural world, while another may delve deeply into the nature of reality; one may represent a distinctly human experience, while another may help us rise above our every-day concerns. When combined, they are meant to inspire an awe for life and an appreciation of our higher purpose.

Some of these creations will be shared for the sheer joy of their existence; others will be available for sale. In the latter case, we will connect you to the appropriate contact and ordering information.

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We support positive visions and insightful viewpoints that assist in the forward evolution of humanity.



This site represents the birth of new ideas into the world. Whether you are a new artist embarking on your first project or a seasoned artist with a new piece of art to share, this site can provide a platform for your work. If you have a creation that resonates with our values and you would like to share it in our Gallery, simply contact


Our Gallery will eventually include all forms of artistry, from writing to painting to music and everything in-between. If it is a new creative endeavour and it harmonizes with Rising Intent's mission, it may be represented here. We wish not only to promote specific pieces of art, but to inspire and encourage creativity for its own sake, and for its profound influence on the world.

We do note that while the pieces selected herein reflect the values of our company, this does not mean that every work produced by these artists will necessarily apply.

Should you wish to learn more about any piece that appears on this site, click on Once there, you can proceed to the "Birthing Art" section, where you will find contact and/or purchasing information.