Birthing Art is a Branch of Rising Intent, bringing joy, understanding and well-being into the world through art.

To learn more about our Parent Company, please visit: www.risingintent.com.


As an iteration of Rising Intent, Birthing Art will promote work that resonates with the positive, life-affirming goals described above. The wisdom of nature, the fulfillment of potential and the rise of consciousness are foundational to these goals and inherent in our Gallery selections. In keeping with our name, we will focus on bringing new creative works to light, both by artists just starting out, and by experienced artists with fresh work to share.

As a brand new venture itself, Birthing Art will begin by displaying work from sources known to us, whose security we trust. As we develop further, we will begin accepting the work of artists unfamiliar to us, and linking them to interested parties as well.


Those who believe in this project and would like to see it evolve may wish to contribute to our cause by going to our Support the Cause page and clicking on the "Donate" button.

Donations made through this link are fully secured by PayPal’s strict safety measures.

Any contribution, no matter how small, will be greatly appreciated and will be applied directly to Website upkeep and development.

Our hope is that a family of like-minded souls will enhance and fortify this endeavour as it becomes a beautiful illustration of shared intent. It is our heartfelt belief that creatively-minded people, through good will and the power of intention, can influence the very evolution of the world.

– And we can all watch here, as our mutual intentions turn into reality right before our eyes….


NOTE: All gifts received are processed through our Parent company, Rising Intent, and applied to the development of this Project.