Our Goal

The artwork shared here is meant to foster joy and advance the evolution of humanity.


New Art

This site showcases the work of     new artists as well as         "seasoned" artists with new work.




All styles of art are welcome here: writing, drawing, painting, photography, music....



Whether you are just starting out or are an experienced artist with a new piece of work, you may eventually want to showcase it here. So many times, the beautiful creations of writers and artists remain hidden in the shadows, and we wish to bring them out into the light. With the aid of our donors and through our own hard work, we hope to expand our reach very soon.


Our goal is to help artists and art-lovers connect with one another, and to advance consciousness through creativity.

Bringing Joy

Those browsing this site may simply be interested in enjoying our offerings, just as those who produced them enjoy sharing them with you. This is a large part of our mission here: to spread joy and good will through positive, life-enhancing art.

The specific pieces herein will include information on whether their creators choose to remain anonymous, share their information, or sell their work.


Next Steps...

Please enjoy our Gallery for the latest creative offerings.

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